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01. Do one thing at a time
02. Know the problem
03. Learn to listen
04. Learn to ask questions
05. Distinguish sense from nonsense
06. Accept change is inevitable
07. Admit mistakes
08. Say it simple
09. Be calm.
10. Smile

Fischli&Weiss, How to Work Better (1991)

What’s it like to work with me?

Clients work with me because I care about the details and understand the importance of effective communication.

If you’d like to get in touch about a specific project and you’ve already have a basic brief, you can let me know all about it.


My current hourly rate is £40.00. All quotes I provide show what I’m going to deliver and how long I think it will take. As quotes are based on estimates of the time required to complete each task of the project, it’s important that I have as much information as possible about it. I prefer not to give fixed price quotes for projects I estimate to be under 8 hours as often a fixed quote turned to be more expensive.

Do I offer design packages?

The simple answer is no. I don’t offer any design packages because I think your business is not the same as everyone else’s. Moreover, for some services  – like branding  – there are steps like Exploration and Strategy that need to be done anyway even if the request is for a simple logo. But I can offer a free consultation and quotation.

What to include in a brief

  • A short description about your objectives
  • Notes on themes, ideas or a moodboard (if you have any)
  • Information about your target audience
  • Examples of projects – in a similar format – you like (websites, infographics, etc.) to understand better the Look & Feel you’re aiming for
  • The technical specs for the final product (file types, sizes, formats…)
  • Deadlines for the first drafts and the final product

_People say the nicest things…

  • Anna consistently exceeds my expectations for design projects and always within the agreed timeframe. She interprets every brief exactly as intended and produces amazing work - without fail. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her services to anyone looking for an ultra-professional and reliable designer.

    Francesca Hobson Senior Marketing Manager at Ubisecure
  • Anna Negrini is one of the best designers I've had the pleasure to work with. She has that rare talent of being able to get it right first time - and more often than not she's a step ahead of the brief. Anna's a skilled operator with a knack for creating brilliant design, but also understands the importance of effective communication.

    Jon Squire Managing Director at Harley Academy
  • Been amazing working with you on the Women in Identity rebrand and Annual Report. Particularly helpful the way you integrated links into the brand guidelines so we could all access the right materials instantly!!! Creativity AND a pragmatic approach towards understanding how non-designers need to use your assets! Fab! If anyone needs a creative designer with a great sense of who her audience is, I can’t recommend Anna highly enough 😁

    Karyn Bright Sounding Board, Mentor, Storyteller and Interviewer - bringing the concept of identity to life

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